WORKS 06Landscape Ware


LandscapeWare の言葉の由来となった作品群。
secca 創業メンバーである柳井が個人活動時代に見出した表現です。 柳井は以前プロダクトデザイナーとしてメーカーで働くも、大量生産大量消費のその先に自 身の創作の未来を重ねられず、ものづくりの原点に立ち返り、自分の手で永く愛されるモノ を生み出すため陶芸家に転身しました。それと同時にプロダクトデザイナーとして培った感 性や技術を素直に活かす陶芸の表現を探求した結果、3DCAD による造形を陶芸に掛け合わせ、 得意の造形力を無垢に表現した本シリーズの原点が誕生しました。 それは、白磁素材と造形のみで構成され、陰翳のみを装飾とする器です。
secca に参画後も引き続き本シリーズの可能性を探求し続け、料理人との出会いの中で無色の 器に鮮やかな命が宿るような瞬間を目の当たりにする経験がさらなる創作に連鎖しています。

Group of work from which the word LandscapeWare was derived.

An expression by Yanai, one of the founding members of secca, discovered before joining the company.
Yanai worked as a product designer for a manufacturer, but could not see a future for his own work beyond mass production and mass consumption, so he returned to the roots of craftsmanship, and became a potter to handmake things that will be cherished for a long time. As a result of exploring the expressions of pottery that utilize the aesthetics and techniques cultivated as a product designer, we crossed 3DCAD modeling with pottery, and the origin of this book series purely expressing specialty in modeling was born.
It is a tableware made using only white porcelain materials and forms, with shadows being the only decoration.
Inspired by the rolling of the land created by nature, designs made from a compilation of the artist’s own modeling aesthetics, which involve no colors, leave the viewer with space for imagination, allowing an imaginary landscape to unfold in front of them.

Exploring the possibilities of this series continued after joining secca, and the experiences of seeing a colorless plate coming to life vividly through encounters with chefs has linked to more creative work.