WORKS 07Landscape Ware



Size:W180mm × D180mm × H35mm
Partner:石蔵 正嗣
It is also believed that the original type was a high cup used to offer offerings to the gods and Buddha, and that in the Heian period (794-1185), nobles and other people of high rank began to eat in an oshiki (like a plate) with legs.
This style of dining was later called "zen" (a low table). Since both types of tables were used for sitting on the floor or on low stool-like chairs, many of them have long legs like a desk.
On the other hand, as Western architectural styles spread in modern life, tables and chairs became widespread, and the environment surrounding tableware changed drastically. In this work, we have considered the form of the originally existing oshiki with legs when it is adapted to the modern style.
The legs are low, as the food is served at table height, and while the design is modern, it is clothed in traditional Japanese lacquer to visualize Japanese culture itself, which continues to evolve while transforming foreign culture into the colors of its own country.