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ホテルのコンセプトは「茶庭」。 それを受けて、金沢の茶の湯を支える清き水の源泉である「白山」に着目しました。
石川、福井、岐阜の3 県にわたり高くそびえる白山は 古くから霊山信仰の聖地として仰がれてきました。 金沢の人々にとって白山は
生活に不可欠な“ 命の水” を供給してくれる神々の座であるともいえます。 この作品は白山に降る春の喜びの雨と、潤い輝く山肌を表現しています。 白山の地形データから高低差の情報を抽出し 3,136個の金彩を施した花坂陶石にて形状を再現しています。

W1,800mm D1,800mm H1,000mm
A sculpture for the entrance of a restaurant in Agora Kanazawa hotel. With their concept "garden of tea-ceremony house" in mind, we drew our inspiration from Hakusan (Mt. Haku) which holds key spring for pure water used in traditional tea ceremonies. Hakusan stands tall across three prefectures- Ishikawa, Fukui, and Gifu, and it has always been respected and protected as the holy ground of sacred mountain worship. For people in Kanazawa, Hakusan is also a shrine of gods that provides the Water of life.
The work expresses ” the spring rain of joy falling on Hakusan” and its moistured shiny surface of the mountain. Actual terrain data that shows the height difference of the mountain was used to shape this sculpture and 3,136 Hanasaka pottery stones was used with gold glazing for decoration.

Acrylic, Hanasaka potter's stone, Gold
W1,800mm D1,800mm H1,000mm